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EXO Baek Hyun Profile Bios and Fact

Baek Hyun Profile
Byun Baekhyun "변 백현", under the stage name Baekhyun "백현" is a South Korean singer. He is currently a member of the boy band EXO-K subgroup of boyband China-South Korea EXO. He is the lead singer in EXO-K.

Baekhyun born in Bucheon, Gyeonggi, South Korea on May 6, 1992. [1] Baekhyun Jungwon attended High School. Baekhyun have a family consisting of father, mother, and older brother were different from him seven years, named Byun Baekbeom. Baekhyun never be the lead singer diband music school and won an award at a local rock festival.

Baekhyun claimed repeatedly rejected when she auditioned. Baekhyun gave up and decided to continue his studies with the college entrance exams. When he was practicing singing for auditions entered the art department at a college, a scout from SM Entertainment asked her to audition. Then Baekhyun incorporated into the current SM SM Entertainment Casting System 2011. And Baekhyun become a member EXO fastest undergo his trainee days, ie only one year. He was introduced as a member of EXO on January 30, 2012. 

EXO baekhyun latest Photos
EXO baekhyun latest Photos

Beak Hyun Bios
Nama Asli : Byun Baekhyun
Nama panggilan : Baek Hyun
Tanggal lahir : 6 Mei 1992
Posisi : ketua vokalis ke-4
Tinggi : 183 cm
Darah : -
Keterampilan / Hobi: Aikido, Pianoond

Baek Hyun Fact
  1. Baek Hyun EXO is a member of the sub group EXO-K
  2. Baek Hyun expert playing piano
  3. Baek Hyun's favorite number is 48
  4. Baek Hyun favorite music is R & B, Pop, and Rock Punk
  5. Baek Hyun hobbies are listening to music, watching movies and singing
  6. Baek Hyun's favorite food is cooking korea, china, japan and west
  7. Type Baek Hyun ideal girl is a woman charming
  8. Baek Hyun roommate Chanyeol
  9. Chen and Luhan is a Chinese language teacher for Baek Hyun
  10. Baek Hyun said his eyes will look feminine if she wears eyeliner
  11. The reason Baek Hyun into SM Ent is because he has a unique voice
  12. Baek Hyun is very close to the other EXO members are Chanyeol and Do Kyung-soo
  13. Baek Hyun has a bubbly personality, friendly, and easily approached
  14. Baek Hyun had said these words such as "100 years from now, we will be remembered as a big group"
  15. Baek Hyun wanted to be a model
  16. According Chanyeol, Baek Hyun making strange noises while sleeping
  17. Baek Hyun desperately wants to be a singer since her 4th grade and told his friends that he would become a celebrity when he is great
  18. Main Vocalist Baeknyun is EXO-K
  19. Baekhyun it is a member of the sub group EXO EXO-K
  20. Baekhyun expert playing piano
  21. Baekhyun favorite number is 48
  22. Baekhyun favorite music is the genre of R & B, Pop and Rock Punk
  23. Baekhyun hobbies are listening to music, watching movies and singing
  24. Baekhyun favorite food is the food korea, china, japan, and the west
  25. Baekhyun ideal type is a charming lady
  26. He idolized actress Han Ga In
  27. Baekhyun roommate Chanyeol (why the boy was noisy so satuXD)
  28. Luhan and Chen is a Chinese language teacher for Baekhyun
  29. Baekhyun have trainee short period (1 year)
  30. Baekhyun said her eyes would look feminine if she wears eyeliner
  31. The reason Baekhyun entered SM is because he has a unique voice
  32. Baekhyun very close to the other EXO members mainly Chanyeol and Do Kyung-soo
  33. Baekyun have personality, cheerful, friendly and approachable
  34. Baekhyun once said "100 years from now, we will be remembered as a large group (Bener really bang: D). If I could I would like to establish a program of entertainment or acting.
  35. Baekhyun wanted to be a model (International catwalk models but if you bang impossible not high enough XD)
  36. According Chanyeol, Baekhyun it likes to make strange noises such as bark for 40X more time falling asleep. He also often kebangun because of the noise of his own voice and do not know what happened to him
  37. Baekhyun really wanted to be a singer since she was a class 4 sd and told friends that he will be a big celebrity (already kecapai baekXD)
  38. Baekhyun entered SM through auditions in front of the school gate before he performs the exam.
  39. He used to have a band and award winning local rock festival. Click here
  40. Bi Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) is its influence in singing
  41. In Stage Baekhyun be cool and charismatic but originally he was very cheerful, fun, and warm.
  42. Said Chanyeol, Baekhyun was similar to actress Lee Sun Mi and he was like his son. (EXO's Showtime Episode 1)
  43. Do Kyung-soo said, Baekhyun it has in terms of a difference in her smile that looks square (rectangle). (EXO's Showtime Episode 1)
  44. Baekhyun eye was not aesthetically circle or line her eyes and looked glazed, so she likes to use eyeliner.
  45. Baekhyun has appeared in TTS Twinkle Twinkle MV together Tiffany and Taeyeon
  46. When Baekhyun sing high notes automatically veins of her neck will appear and look like tree roots.
  47. Baekhyun is a member 9th direveal by SM
  48. Netizens say that Baekhyun has face and childlike.
  49. According to the Chinese magazine review, that's the guy Baekhyun very refreshing and comfortable to be seen
  50. Do Kyung-soo said that no one wants to sleep at Baekhyun because she was "naughty"
  51. Disebuah online poll, fans chose "whom the member funniest when it was biting his lips?", Answering fans Baekhyun no.1 no.2 Luhan
  52. Baekhyun and Sehun Like sexy pose in front of the mirror
  53. Baekhyun the EXO members who like to talk bluntly (can not nyimpen secret)
  54. Baekhyun has a brother who is 7 years older, who had been married in 2013 and attended by members of EXO to sing. But the fans create chaos sesaeng wedding event originally wisdom. (So ​​how could anyone ngefans segitunya? Have a glass berkacalah kawanXD)
  55. Baekhyun want to try a role shameless as Rain in FULL HOUSE
  56. Baekhyun said she like Luhan, then Sehun said he'd like
  57. Baekhyun like suddenly blurt it is outside the topic
  58. Fans asked what Baekhyun type of guy like that? The first choice - The guy who just see a sweet girl (crossed out) .Both -type guy who only see sexy girls (crossed out), three-type guy who is handsome, cool, cute (also omitted). 4th choice is all (these who have Baekhyun), Fans immediately said "if you do not select 1-3, why choose no. 4 ?? You are weird!"
  59. Baekhyun received the award in the event Bucheon Rock Festival (voice emang nge-Rock Baekhyun it really XD)
  60. He is often called by calling Bacon and nicknames Yellow Towel
  61. Baekhyun have favorite colors white, black, and gray
  62. Baekhyun first dance practice when signing SM
  63. Baekhyun is a vocalist in the band at his high school
  64. Baekhyun and Chen when Korea often learn to sing together, Sehun always said Chen sound better than the Baekhyun, Baekhyun hate when Sehun already talk like that.
  65. Baekhyun have a Chinese name is Bai Bian Xian which means pure and virtuous
  66. Baekhyun was afraid of insects
  67. When EXO-K and EXO-M together, Kris Baekhyun been reprimanded for making Tao cry
  68. Given a choice, Baekhyun going to drink strawberry milk than chocolate
  69. Tao is really the same deket Baekhyun. He will listen to all the talk Baekhyun and ngikutin Baekhyun everywhere training time, Baekhyun like to invite any ngelakuin Tao equally.
  70. According Baekhyun most interesting part of his body is the hips. But turn it into the eye.
  71. Time MC told showed her hips Baekhyun, he panicked and immediately said "tentusaja you should not see it"
  72. Although the likes action movies, Baekyun no intention to study his movements. He just likes to watch alone.
  73. Baekhyun never send a video message to the Tao, he says, "Tao-well, what do you see? I always pay attention to your activities in China. Congratulations on your victory yesterday. Tao-yah, saranghanda ^^ "(so sweet ya abangXD)
  74. Baekhyun it can not eat spicy food
  75. Baekhyun been a kindergartner who want to cross the street at the "Eco Drive Song"
  76. Baekhyun it so MC Suho birthday when celebrated in Building SM exercise with fans
  77. Things to do Baekhyun in Thailand is high fives with elephants.
  78. Baekhyun like eating quietly when the manager does not know
  79. Baekhyun zodiac monkey (eating naughty: D)
  80. Baekhyun in front of her boyfriend if he's going to act cute.
  81. Baekhyun want to meet and ngedate with Han Ga In as imagenya pure and innocent
  82. Baekhyun always laugh whenever he saw photos and video pre-debut
  83. Baekhyun want EXO become as popular as Michel Jakson and Beyonce
  84. Baekhyun interested in the world of acting because it seemed challenging and high standard fee (equal aja yaa: D)
  85. Size / Size dress Baekhyun "M" and his shoe size 42
  86. Baekhyun want good at playing games like Kai
  87. Baekhyun always harping about the breakfast even when his eyes still closed
  88. Baekhyun it was close to Tao and Chanyeol
  89. Baekhyun also never lost for words when in Japan Mnet Countdown Backstage, continue Suho who helped him the way
  90. Baekhyun was much talking and helps to answer the questions most often rich Chanyeol (suitable Ko)
  91. Baekhyun never hidden behind Do Kyung-soo from the heat (Bang, Do Kyung-soo smaller than you XD)
  92. Baekhyun and Chanyeol was very conscious of the camera.
  93. Baekhyun never imitating dance funny Kai but instead happens XD
  94. Baekhyun always mock olokin for small eyes
  95. When asked who the most senior of their respect, responsibility Baekhyun SNSD then he became nervous and lost for words. And she said, "sorry, I just thought about SNSD" XD
  96. Chanyeol says "Baekhyun it loves to chat with other members, he would say from the moment he wakes up until sleep again. He also likes ngasi tau funny things "
  97. Baekhyun like filling a backpack with items that random (aka all the same: D)
  98. Baekhyun hope if possible, he pengin grow much more.
  99. Baekhyun never make Sehun cry because Baekhyun ngomporin Sehun if she looks like Luhan
  100. Tao always bring snacks China create Baekhyun
  101. Sehun can not cross the road if his hands are not held Baekhyun LOL.
  102. Baekhyun and Chanyeol like dimarahin Suho. (Noisy anyway bangXD)
  103. Baekhyun like a nice woman while wearing jeans
  104. Kai says Baekhyun too late to join us, but just overnight Baekhyun very close to Chanyeol
  105. According Chanyeol, Baekhyun was thinking very simple and honest, he treats Chanyeol such as friends, not as fans say too much (what weve bang? XD)
  106. Baekhyun if issued banyk sound sleep, Chanyeol could not wake Baekhyun by scratching, ultimately Chanyeol will wake Baekhyun with one kick.
  107. If Baekhyun folded clothes she also would tuck pakainan Chanyeol
  108. Tao said every time she ate with Baekhyun, Tao must pay.
  109. Baekhyun once admitted shaving the eyebrows Chanyeol Chanyeol sleep time
  110. Baekhyun has a strange habit, wearing socks in bed so he could sleep soundly
  111. Do Kyung-soo Baekhyun like to wear shoes secretly
  112. 3 Words china that can be memorized eloquently Baekhyun is Ox, Baekhyun, and Handsome.
  113. Ideally mode is a charming lady
  114. [Predebut] Before Baekhyun formally signed as a trainee with SM, the first day he went to the SM building, he asked the fans (another SM group), who were waiting outside, for help on how to open the door of the building.
  115. Idol Star Athletics Championships Injuries EXO K Baekhyun: Baekhyun sndiri injured after hitting him in the face with a bottle
  116.  Baekhyun: Yes, before I usually just stand in the corner, talking to them and showing some aegyo (laughs) but now, improve, being shy is not my style now. (Up deh bangXDhehe)
  117.  Interview: Between EXO-K members, who were sleeping in the bed?
  118. Su Ho: We all really want to sleep in the bed, but there are only 4 to 5 can be appropriate.
  119. Chanyeol: Because I am tall so I slept on the floor. But if they are not in their beds, I slept on it. (laugh)
  120. Baek Hyun: I usually sleep in the bed with Se Hun
  121. Se Hun: But I'm sleeping with Do Kyung-soo
  122. DO: No one slept with Baek Hyun because he was too naughty.
  123. Baek Hyun: Eh? (All laugh)
  124. Baekhyun favorite song is The Ray's - Farewell
  125. Baekhyun is SNSD fans
  126. Baekhyun Just not good at singing, she is also quite adept rap
  127. CNBLUE Baekhyun ever cover song of "Love Light" see here
  128. The netizens were average age 20tahunan, never thought it was 13 years Baekhyun LOL.
  129. Baekhyun appearance in History is very much different from her appearance at Wolf and makes netizens somewhat confused recognize it,
  130. Baekhyun often rejected by several agencies at the audition singing. (Why yaa whereas good voice, ah maybe jury earache times XD)
  131. Baekhyun it has a habit of licking his lips, yawning and harass (: P)
  132. Before debut Baekhyun not imagine going to use make-up in her life
  133. Baekhyun most jealous of the power of teleportation Kai
  134. If Baekhyun received an offer CF, he will try everything
  135. During the trainee Baekhyun and Chanyeol often go home together after practicing using the subway
  136. During high school, Baekhyun is a mood maker. Baekhyun dances and SHINee RAIN Sunbae in front of his friends and they thought it was very funny to behold
  137. Baekhyun has prepared a remedy imitation bayank shown in various programs, he can do and can imitate Oh Gibong Gwangrok
  138. Since its debut, Baekhyun has demonstrated the humor and the impression of good manners
  139. After the bath, Baekhyun often practiced facial expressions that vary in the mirror, to prepare himself in advertising
  140. "After we finished training, I used to shower together Sehun." -Baekhyun
  141. Baekhyun strange habit is like yelling.
  142. Many who feel sound Baekhyun hearkens Director Yoo Youngjin
  143. Baekhyun favorite movie genre is Science Fiction, Fantasy and Action
  144. Baekhyun fans usually call China Baibai, Cunzhang, Zhuaibai or Cunha
  145. Baekhyun was confident and said he was handsome and cute in Showcase
  146. Baekhyun that most could ngerawat, wear, cleaning eyeliner
  147. Tao gave nicknames to baekki "Beef" because Baekhyun zodiac is Taurus
  148. Baekhyun and Chanyeol feel themselves feminism
  149. Baekhyun was frugal person is not a waste of money. Instead, it Chanyeol Shopaholic, if Chanyeol ketoko shoes she did not find the size of his feet, he would buy a smaller size for Sehun or Baekhyun
  150. Baekhyun was not like the cold, he always put the heater in his room and Chanyeol finally out to sleep on the couch
  151. Besides Kris members who admired Baekhyun is Suho
  152. Diacara time award, the most memorable Chinese singer by Baekhyun is Huxia
  153. Baekhyun have the biggest difference when on stage and daily life
  154. KeMC nunjukin time if he guns use eyeliner, Baekhyun so shy so XD
  155. Sehun it if gmau ngelakuin something'd say 'hyung, shireo "as he tore hyung. Now it's time Sehun told nunjukin and Baekhyun told to be His partner. Baekhyun Sehun hit her so scared for real XD
  156. Fans Baekhyun mention the "Sun Gun" because in MV Mama dance he got shot so rich anymore
  157. Baekhyun will take some heart fans with eye smilenya
  158. Baekhyun really miss the same King (white dog that appears diteaser)
  159. Baekhyun same ngefans Jackie Chan
  160. Baekhyun Like Wang Leehom sang his song "Kiss Goodbye" if asked to sing Chinese songs (because he just memorized the times: D)
  161. Baekhyun very close to his brother
  162. When EXO-K heard that EXO-M is almost an accident while heading Recording a Happy Camp caused fanatic fans. Sehun same direct Baekhyun cry, until Kai also picked up crying.

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EXO Baek Hyun Profile Bios and Fact
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