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EXO Chanyeol Profile Bios and Fact

Welcome all, here I will share a little information about one of the members of EXO named Chanyeol, all about Chanyeol, like Chanyeol Profile, Chanyeol Bios, Chanyeol Photos, Cheonyeol Biography, Chanyeol Fact, and all that pertains to members of EXO named Chanyeol this.

Chanyeol Profile
Park Chan-yeol (born 27 November 1992; age 23 years), with the stage name Chanyeol is a South Korean singer. He is currently a member of the boy band EXO-K, a subgroup of the China-South Korean boy band EXO. He is the main rapper in EXO-K.

Park Chanyeol (박찬열) was born in Seoul, South Korea on November 27, 1992. He attended Chungun Hyundai High School in Dong-gu, Ulsan. When he was 16 years old, she attended private acting institute. He played as a drummer, the band formed in the school, and won second place in the contest television model. [2] Chanyeol incorporated into the current SM Entertainment SM Casting System in 2008. Together with other EXO members, Suho and Kai, he made a brief appearance in the video clip of TVXQ's "Hahaha Song" in 2008. He also appeared in the video clip Girls' Generation titled "Genie" in Japanese which was released in August 2010. He was the last member was introduced on February 23, 2012.

EXO debut at the 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun on December 29, 2011. SM Entertainment released the press to announce the planned boyband will debut in March or April 2011. This news did not surface until December 11, 2011, when SM Entertainment introduced a new boyband member was in a trailer in individual. Chanyeol appears in the trailer on February 23, 2012. The prologue single "What Is Love" is only sung by Baekhyun and D.O., released on January 30, 2012. The group released the second single prologue entitled "History" on March 9, 2012.

EXO held a pre-debut showcase at Seoul's Olympic Stadium, on March 31, 2012, one hundred days after their first trailer EXO debut on December 21, 2011. About 3,000 fans from 8,000 applicants selected to attend their performances. The group held their second showcase and their first press conference in the Great Hall of the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China on April 1, 2012.

Single official debut single "Mama" was released on April 8, 2012, followed by an EP, Mama, on April 9, 2012. On April 8, 2012, EXO-K featuring their first appearance in the music program The Music Trend. 

EXO Chanyeol Latest Photos
EXO Chanyeol Latest Photos

Cheonyeol Bios
Original name: Park Chanyeol
Nickname: Chanyeol
Date of birth: 27 November 1992
Position: Katua rapper-1, Vocalist
Height: 187 cm
Blood: A
Skills / Hobbies: Guitar, Drums, Bass, Drums of Africa, rap, acting

Chan Yeol Fact
  1. Chan Yeol is a member of the sub group EXO EXO-K
  2. Chan Yeol was educated at the University of Gangnam-gu
  3. Chan Yeol experts play guitar, drums and bass
  4. Type Chan Yeol ideal girl is a girl who is funny, like to smile and have a sincere heart
  5. Chan Yeol was idolized Super Junior and 2NE1
  6. Chan Yeol favorite artists is Scarlet Johanson
  7. Chan Yeol like a woman who has a height 150-159 cm
  8. Chan Yeol Baek Hyun roommate
  9. Chan Yeol is a model for advertising the brand "Puma"
  10. Chan Yeol close friends with T-ara Ji Yeon and Hongki Ft Island
  11. Chan Yeol is the tallest member in EXO K
  12. Kai said that Chan Yeol was a very jolly person, love to smile and could always make the other members laugh when they are tired
  13. The Korean fans dubbed the "Teeh-rich" because of its wide smile
  14. Chan Yeol joined the band "Siren" in college
  15. Chan Yeol is a rapper in EXO-K
  16. Full Name: PARK Chanyeol.
  17. Hangul for the full name Chanyeol 박찬열.
  18. Who want to see foto2 predebut Chanyeol, please click HERE
  19. Chanyeol is the last member who introduced formally to become a member of EXO. Precisely dated February 23, 2012.
  20. Date of Birth 27 November 1992.
  21. Instagram account Chanyeol (https://www.instagram.com/real__pcy/)
  22. Chanyeol like T.O.P Big Bang because their voices are similar. * Sama2 Hexos *
  23. Chanyeol got teeth nice and white. Many fans are asking what is the brand of toothpaste used Chanyeol.
  24. Time Chanyeol still in school, the teacher asked him to create a signature Taemin, and he made it. Then the teacher, telling him again to get the signature of Minho.
  25. Chanyeol it can not sleep if the light is off. Sometimes ya ya, even when he was sleeping, he will be aware if someone turned off the lights. Then he grumble with eyes still closed, "Why shut down?" Hahaha
  26. In addition, Chanyeol also can not sleep if hot. If Baekhyun actually do not like the cold. Baekhyun like installing heating in their rooms. Usually if already rich 'Look, Chanyeol will continue to move around while sleeping on a sofa bed.
  27. Chanyeol it can not run too long.
  28. Chanyeol labeled as a young Lee Minho.
  29. Suho sometimes like resentful ama Chanyeol, rations because she likes the way ama Chanyeol taken.
  30. Chanyeol can play guitar, drums, bass, and djembe. Chanyeol also be acting.
  31. Do not forget Chanyeol also good beatbox.
  32. Chanyeol like laughing, clapping.
  33. Chanyeol and Baekhyun got some the same clothes. In addition, they also sometimes exchange-exchange clothes. Baekhyun Chanyeol been spotted wearing his jacket.
  34. Chanyeol always expect the twelve members of EXO will do promotions together forever.
  35. Pas age of 16 years, before he got into SM, Chanyeol applying to private acting institute.
  36. Chanyeol favorite food was Galbi, samgyeopsal and tonkatsu. He also likes steak and pork cutlet. She really liked meat.
  37. Chanyeol was a graduate of the 'Hyundai Cungun High School' on Dong-gu, Ulsan.
  38. Chanyeol never appeared in a video alongside TVXQ Haha songnya Kai and Suho.
  39. Chanyeol says "My mind will be cleared, if I walk in the evening while listening to music. My mood will be better. With so I could sleep soundly. "
  40. Chanyeol says, because he is a member of the most high, he can play basketball better than the other members.
  41. Chanyeol the very same ngefans Scarlett Johannson.
  42. If there are more fans nyorot Chanyeol ato take some photos, Chanyeol going tried to look innocent.
  43. Chanyeol sister had a cat white, but because Chanyeol have allergies to cats, inevitably in the end the cat was handed over to the animal shelter.
  44. Chanyeol said she was a romantic person.
  45. Chanyeol height 185 cm and he is second member Kris.
  46. Yeollie's blood type A.
  47. Chanyeol Like say if he is better, taller and more handsome than Kris. Then the people around him will be looking at her with a strange look.
  48. If already can not sleep, Chanyeol everynight Like other members.
  49. Chanyeol favorite movie 'School of Rock'.
  50. Chanyeol including members of the ignorant.
  51. Chanyeol has the longest legs in EXO-K. Shoe size 280 mm.
  52. Baekhyun said Chanyeol was like salt. * Why ?? *
  53. Pas fansign, a fan of anyone ask to Chanyeol 'Mention 3 reasons why you like Do Kyung-soo' trus Chanyeol replied 'He can cook'. Her Fan ngingatin again '3 reasons loh' so Chanyeol responsible 'She cooked with a tasty for breakfast, He cooks with tasty for lunch and She cooked with tasty for dinner'. LOL
  54. Chanyeol is a member of the most rapid in terms of typing.
  55. Chanyeol ranks third in the 'TOP 5 MOST WITH MALE Idols Kissable LIPS' in the list shown by Show Campion.
  56. Chanyeol can ngedance MBLAQ - Oh Yeah.
  57. Chanyeol training period was 4 years (2008-2012).
  58. In 2008, Chanyeol got two champions in the competition SMART Uniform Model.
  59. "I'm usually a lot of laughs and has a vivacious personality. I'm the type that receives any joyfully. My hobby is playing instruments and listening to music "-Chanyeol
  60. "I think my charm is my voice low, thin body like dried fish? (Laughs) People around me called me 'the nation's dried fish' (Note: deciphering her skinny). I also play guitar, drums, bass and djembe (Note: This is an African drum). Rap and acting also my specialty. "-Chan-yeol
  61. Chanyeol want to learn how to be a composer and lyricist.
  62. "Just once, I want ngedance with insanity" -Chanyeol.
  63. Sehun said, Chanyeol it was really cool because he's tall and very charming gravelly voice.
  64. Chanyeol like to read self-improvement books.
  65. I stopped growing about 2 years ago. It seems that when I was in Grade 3 High School, was stopped at 185cm. I've never been high ever since I was little, but I began to have improved since I was in Grade 3 junior. When I was in Grade 1 and 2 junior, I even pendek.-Chanyeol
  66. In addition to appearing in the Japanese PV Genie, Chanyeol also appeared in her Twinkle TaeTiSeo. And Chanyeol said he was more nervous than fitting a model fitting Twinkle MV EXO make.
  67. Chanyeol admired Jason Mraz, Eminem and Benzino.
  68. In addition Chanyeol also admire TVXQ Yunho.
  69. If Chanyeol again fight ama Baekhyun, usually apologizing first it Chanyeol.
  70. Sometimes, Chanyeol like stealing and eating his snacks Baekhyun.
  71. Chanyeol liked cute girl and likes to smile as well as a girl who has a great music taste.
  72. The moment I feel that I'm the coolest, I think is when I'm focused onto something. I usually play a lot of jokes and I'm always laughing so rather than being cool, I have a bright and funny image, but when I'm practicing or when I'm focused, absorbed into something, I think that I give off a different feeling. - Chan-yeol
  73. Some favorite songs Chanyeol it Skrillex-Bangarang, Jazzy Fact- Always Awake, Keyshia Cole I Remember and Tia London-Nothing On You
  74. Chanyeol it eater camera. Whenever and wherever he is, he will find the location of the camera or fansite wants ngambil her image. After the meet, she would give her smile. This he did because he wanted to look good in a photograph.
  75. When EXO again promos in Thailand, the MC asked the fans who the most handsome member of EXO. The fans answered Chanyeol compact, KRIS, TAO.
  76. Chanyeol like ngoleksi hats, jackets and shoes.
  77. Her motto Chanyeol → "Let's Enjoy"
  78. Q: If you can exchange your looks, who would you change with? A: I will not change my lovely look with anyone- Chanyeol
  79. Pas awal2 EXO emerged, many fans say Chanyeol not fit to be a rapper because his face is too cute. * Yes, the face imut2 but booming voice -_____- *
  80. I liked all the models hair-Chanyeol.
  81. Chanyeol is in 2nd place in the list of 20 male idol with the best graduation photo. * Melepasmu, really handsome so *.
  82. Chanyeol and Kai had been a model of Fashion Show in Nature Concert event in Jeju.
  83. Chanyeol demonstrated drumming fitting first radio broadcast 2pm Date With Joo Young Hoon.
  84. In the list of 10 idol guy who would seem to fit when wearing a dress like a woman, Chanyeol is in position 9.
  85. Chanyeol has very kissable lips.
  86. Chanyeol says he nyoba want to be a pirate.
  87. He said, when there was a fan who fansign say if Chanyeol was handsome. Then Chanyeol deh answer 'Yes, that's true. And I feel proud when I looked in the mirror '.
  88. If Chanyeol already too tired, he's going to sleep with my eyes open. Baekhyun saw it, would use his hands to cover the eyes Chanyeol. * SO SWEET BAEKYEOL * * Btw, sleeping with open eyes that how? *
  89. Chanyeol likes to hit people's heads, but he never hit her head Luhan and Kris because they are his Hyung. * LOL *
  90. Based on MBC Every1 Pool, mostly noona fans in Korea chose Chanyeol as the Best Visual (most handsome) in EXO-K.
  91. Q: "The ideal height that Chanyeol looks for in girls? Over 170cm A. B. C. 150-160 160-170 140-150 D. E. Under 140cm "He checked off all. (Indo: ideal height Chanyeol a girl looking for? A. The more than 170 cm B. 160-170 C. 150- 160 E. D.140-150 under 140 cm. Chanyeol menceklis all options). it means HIGH AUTHORITY IS NOT A PROBLEM FOR Chanyeol. SO, OPPORTUNITIES STILL OPEN * hahaha evil laugh *
  92. Chanyeol the longest if already ngambil selfie affairs. Fastest Baekhyun. According Chanyeol, he was the most handsome fitting wear glasses.
  93. Fans: "Answer honestly! Am I the most handsome of all the members? "Chanyeol:" Yes of Course! "(Hadooohhh basic Yeollie, confident mode on its level of god = _ =)
  94. Fans: "Variety Show what you want to follow? A. Infinity Challenge B. 1 Night 2 Days C. We Got Married (or Music and Lyrics) D. E. Immortal Classics Radio Star F. Let's go, Dream Team! "Chanyeol:" Infinity Challenge "
  95. Fans: "The role of team would you like to take? Dancing Machine Aegyo A. B. C. D. Charisma Leader Main Vocal "Chanyeol:" Dancing Machine "
  96. Fans: Oppa, you're that kind of guy like what? Handsome? Cool? Lovely? Cute? Sexy? Powerful? Charming? Chic? Other ?, and Chanyeol menceklis all the options! * Basic narcissistic *
  97. Chanyeol's ex-girlfriend is a girl to be a model in the MV Shinee 'Amigo', their courtship fitting training period.
  98. Chanyeol like playing cards at Sehun, because Sehun easily defeated.
  99. Because of her height, Chanyeol said first fitting was in school, his head often stumble pas bus.
  100. Chanyeol can make food Vienna Ham. * The food is what? *
  101. Chanyeol say, small time he was a child are difficult to eat. So the mother must be constantly fed.
  102. Chanyeol friends with P.O [block b]
  103. Chanyeol has many ideas in his head, and he poured their ideas in the dress / appearance. Chanyeol who to design clothes EXO. EXO clothes are ya:
  104. Chanyeol is a member of the popular, he has a fan club even before her debut. Tu clay cewek2 on ngejar2 him.
  105. Chanyeol never mad at Baekhyun, because the word Chanyeol, Baekhyun have new friends and even nyuekin him. And it turns out 'new friends' Baekhyun it is an Ipad. * LOL *
  106. Chanyeol really like mutually hairstyle. And it makes the fans worry if someday Chanyeol hair going bald. Therefore, the fans are very often ngirimin Chanyeol produk2 hair care, ranging from shampoos, conditioners, hair vitamins and others.
  107. MBC Idol moment in the Championship, a fan told Chanyeol sit, Chanyeol replied "No! I can not sit. Because if I sit down, I'll fall asleep. "^^
  108. When in Shimshimtapa, Onew said he is very happy with the people who have elf ears, and he said one of them was Chanyeol.
  109. Still in Shimshimtapa radio, Taemin says her ideal type was Chanyeol. hah? Taemin ato how you gay? ha ha ha
  110. Fansign at an event, a few fans shouted "Teeth Rich, give us your smile." Chanyeol which heard it, being so enthusiastic, he burst out laughing, waving his arms, and ended the action with laid her head on the table. After that, Chanyeol Kai intends to borrow a shoulder to lean on, but Kai pretended to resist.
  111. Chanyeol Twitter account is @ parkchanyeol92 before debut. Last tweet December 14th. In his tweet, Chanyeol say happy birthday to Onew.
  112. Do Kyung-soo often let slip Chanyeol call by its original name ((Kyungsoo)) in public. If already like this, usually after that he immediately apologized.
  113. Chanyeol favorite romantic movie "It Can not Get Any Better Than This" and "Something's Gotta Give."
  114. If in the dorm, Chanyeol Korean people like to sing along with the high notes. Then Kai to throw him with a pillow.
  115. Usually when Chanyeol already fun in a game, he would sometimes walk to the door.
  116. When Chanyeol and Luhan together, they will keep laughing.
  117. Not sure, but some say if when EXO exercise during the day, Chanyeol will quietly peek TVXQ exercise.
  118. Baekhyun say if Chanyeol is one of the best drink in EXO. * OHH NO *
  119. Chanyeol and Kai had a habit of sleepwalking.
  120. Chanyeol said he liked fart silently
  121. Kalao Chanyeol sick, Sehun the only person who would want to buy medicine for Chanyeol.
  122. Q: What is your favorite thing? | Chanyeol: Hit Baekhyun's head before I sleep, and I will get sweet dream * LOL *
  123. Luhan said that Chanyeol was very good at cooking. He is a cooking king.
  124. Chanyeol once said "if I speak english I will broke all girls heart"
  125. When it's time to eat, Chanyeol is the most serious and enthusiastic. *hah?*
  126. Never in a fansign a fan nanya to Chanyeol "Oppa, do you like girls younger or older?" Then Chanyeol replied "In between" * mean age Chanyeol does so *
  127. Chanyeol say if she has free time, he want to go to the beach with his family.
  128. Chanyeol it like nakut-nakutin Baekhyun, sometimes she likes to dress like a ghost and hide under the bed Baekhyun.
  129. Chanyeol and Baekhyun love to play video games.
  130. Chanyeol: I think my visual points are my height, eyebrows, eyes, hairstyle, lips, voice, chin. ♥
  131. Chanyeol: I give energy to the member when we were in the car | Baekhyun: Ah yeah, he likes to shout | Chanyeol: Yes, to wake them up. * Lol *
  132. Chanyeol: * Imagine 19 years from * I hope I'll be a great father and a composer. ♥
  133. Chanyeol said his sister 'Yoora eonnie' embarrassed by the concept of superpower possessed EXO, while both parents actually thought it was really cool.
  134. Chanyeol said when told to rank who the most handsome member of EXO, of course he would choose himself as the number 1. This he did because he loved her basic narcissistic * * * Chanyeol throw into the abyss *
  135. Baekhyun Chanyeol and together wrote the lyrics 'Lucky'
  136. Chanyeol said after receiving salary / pay first, direct his money he used to buy a desk which she wanted. * Me: Heol Heol Heol Oppa, should first paycheck was given to parents dong -___________-, yeol: loh my parents the rich, why I love them money again? ...... Me: * Chopped Chanyeol * hahaha ignore
  137. Chanyeol hope he can collaborate with Jungmo TRAX.
  138. Q: Do you think what is the best zodiac? | Chanyeol: I think Taurus and Sagittarius. Because I'm also a Sagittarius.
  139. When watching WGM, Chanyeol so want nge-date with a girl T ^ T
  140. When all 12 members of EXO first met, directly adjacent to the Chanyeol Baekhyun and D.O.
  141. Chanyeol said besides wallet, identity card, and mobile phones, the thing he always brought is Mp3 player.
  142. "If I'm not an artist / idol, maybe I would be a composer" - Chanyeol
  143. "To me, EXO is Everything" - Chanyeol
  144. The members said, Chanyeol it like a magnet. Because once you close to ma he wrote, going hard deh detachment, like so. * Iyaa dong, certainly because Chanyeol good man, right? * Kekekekk
  145. Chanyeol afraid of the dentist and pests (?).
  146. Chanyeol like to eat ice cream.
  147. Chanyeol said she really want to meet the same friends throughout his first band. They lost contact due to an incident that occurred on a train in.
  148. Her sister told Chanyeol very fond Do Kyung-soo (Kyungsoo).
  149. Chanyeol got seven to eight dogs. And she named several of his anjing2 'Jeff', 'Sammy' and 'park Ah-ji'.
  150. Chanyeol and Kris close because they are both fans of its Big Bang and 2ne1.
  151. Chanyeol says dancing is the most difficult thing when he was still a trainee.
  152. Chanyeol like any write-fansite fansite name of his own T ^ T.
  153. Chanyeol says that he and Chen was the worst dancer ever.
  154. Chanyeol: my grades increased from 20 to 70 in Korean History lesson
  155. "When I'm worried or upset or something that happens, I usually tell with Do Kyung-soo" - Chanyeol
  156. Chanyeol learned to play guitar from his father.
  157. "When I was little, I wanted to become a composer. But when I was junior high school, I really enjoyed being on the stage, from where I aspire to be a singer "
  158. Chanyeol thought he was the most mischievous member of EXO.
  159. Chanyeol said little when he had dogs, cats, parrots and ferrets (ferret)
  160. Chanyeol says, because he lives in the house which has a spacious courtyard, so at home it was a lot of rats. One day Chanyeol catch the rats, mice feel sorry and because it was very similar to a hamster, Chanyeol so want to maintain these rats. He also asked for permission the same mother, but instead he was beaten. Kekekekk ^^
  161. While still SD, Chanyeol save his pocket money to buy toys for her pet ferret.

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