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EXO Kris Profile and Facts

EXO Kris Profile and Facts

Welcome all, here I will share a little information about one of the members of EXO named Kris, all about Kris, like Kris Profile, Kris Bios, Kris Photos, Kris Biography, Kris Fact, and all that pertains to members of EXO named Kris this.

EXO Kris Latest Photos
EXO Kris Latest Photos

EXO Kris Profile

Wu Yifan (Hanzi: 吴亦 凡; born 6 November 1990; age 25), better known by his stage name Kris, is a Chinese-born rapper and singer nationality Canada. He is the former leader of EXO-M, a subgroup of South Korean boy band EXO-China.

Kris was born on 6 November 1990 in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. He moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada when she was a teenager. In 2007, Kris followed B.C. Global Audition organized by B.C. Entertainment in Vancouver. After a successful audition, he moved to South Korea to undergo training in singing, dancing, and acting. He was introduced as a member of EXO on February 17, 2012. Previously, he had appeared in a video tour of Girls' Generation in Taipei, Taiwan in 2011. Kris can speak in four languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and Korean.

EXO debut at the 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun on December 29, 2011. SM Entertainment released the press to announce the planned boyband will debut in March or April 2011. This news did not surface until December 11, 2011, when SM Entertainment introduced a new boyband member was in a trailer in individual. Kris appears in a trailer on February 16, 2012. The prologue single "What Is Love" is only sung by Chen and Lu Han, was released on January 30, 2012. The group released the second single prologue entitled "History" on March 9, 2012.

EXO held a pre-debut showcase at Seoul's Olympic Stadium, on March 31, 2012, one hundred days after their first trailer EXO debut on December 21, 2011. About 3,000 fans from 8,000 applicants selected to attend their performances. The group held their second showcase and their first press conference in the Great Hall of the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China on April 1, 2012.

Single official debut single "Mama" was released on April 8, 2012, followed by an EP, Mama, on April 9, 2012. EXO-M held their debut performance with the song "MAMA" on April 8, 2012 in the event 12th Yinyue Fengyun Bang Awards.

Kris OST released his first with Girls' Generation's Jessica and f (x) Krystal's Make Your Move 3D movie entitled "Say Yes"

EXO Kris Bios

original name: Wu Fan
Nickname: Kris
Date of Birth: 6 November 1990
Position: leader of exo and leader of exo-m, Katua rapper-1, Sub-Vocalist
Sub-units: EXO-M
Tow i: 187cm
Blood: A
Skills / Hobbies: English, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, Basketball
Languages: Mandarin, Korean, English

Kris Facts

  1. Kris is a leader EXO M
  2. Kris is also a rapper for EXO M
  3. Kris school in Guangzhou, China
  4. Kris joined and audition SM Casting System in 2007
  5. Kris undergo a period of training for 4 years before he joined EXO
  6. Members EXO K and EXO M agree that Kris is the leader of a large group EXO
  7. Kris ideal type of girl is a friendly girl and cook
  8. Kris ideal girl should have a range of 171 cm height
  9. Kris had lived in Canada
  10. Kris has always been a leader wherever he plays club basketball
  11. Kris dubbed the "GFS" which in Chinese it means a high, good, good-looking and rich
  12. Kris hobby is reading, he was very happy with the books on the theme of inspirational
  13. Panggilang Kris is "Dhuizang" meaning in Chinese is a leader
  14. Among the members of EXO M, Kris and Luhan is the most popular among the fans
  15. Kris and Luhan notoriously difficult to wake up
  16. Kris roommate Chen
  17. Members EXO M said that Kris has a good personality
  18. Kris often delirious when sleeping
  19. Kris always go to his room in EXO M to take out the mask and all sorts of creams and wear theirs
  20. Kris was very concerned about his appearance, he is the most excellent among the other members in taking care of themselves
  21. Kris said in an interview that he wanted a smart break dance
  22. Kris Do Kyung-soo close friends with EXO K
  23. Kris is very familiar with Henry Lau SUJU because they both had lived in Canada and they were speaking in English
  24. Kris did not like talking about his family
  25. Kris is a symbol of strength dragon (dragon)
  26. If you have time to spare, Kris will use it for exercise, ngegym, and wrote lyrics
  27. Never appeared on his VCR gilrs' Generation
  28. Her 4-year training period
  29. Kris is the tallest member in Exo and the second highest among the artists of SM Entertainment after Changmin Tvxq (190 cm)
  30. Liked the nickname given by fans
  31. Like reading the comments about him on Weibo, Youtube, and SM Town Facebook
  32. Cartoon characters describing Kris is Angry Bird
  33. Dreaming of becoming an artist hollywood
  34. Kris roommate Chen
  35. During the trainee, Chanyeol and Kris often dubbed as "double rappers"
  36. Cried with longing for his family
  37. Lay says that Kris is a member of the most recent wake
  38. Kris like magic
  39. According to Kris, members of Girls' Generation's most beautiful is Yuri
  40. Kris was once the captain of the basketball
  41. Chanyeol and Kris is a member Exo most difficult to clean
  42. Exo members care most about is the appearance of Kris
  43. When asked who Exo members who changed after their debut, immediately pointed Tao Kris
  44. In Mv, Kris strength associated with Chanyeol
  45. If Exo live in a castle, Kris wants to be king
  46. The animals were described is the dragon
  47. Ideal type of woman is a good woman and attention to others and can cook
  48. Acknowledging that Chanyeol is a funny figure
  49. In EXO, Kris closest to Tao maknae
  50. Kris method in keeping the skin is frequently consume water and maintain sleep patterns
  51. Luhan said Kris was like ngigau if more sleep
  52. In Extraordinary Class, Kris hugging little boy named Apple
  53. When showcase, Kris never brought a chair to Super Junior Leeteuk of Super Junior's leader may sit
  54. Kris impression to dance Exo Lay is a leader that is a figure workhorse
  55. Other members said that Kris Exo best suited to become Mc because Kris is a member of the most widely way
  56. If the member Exo-M hospital, Kris would buy them medicine and cooking for them, even though they admit honestly Kris cuisine is not so bad
  57. Kris likes to hit Chanyeol
  58. Kris mastered four languages ​​at once
  59. Xiumin say that Kris is a member of the lazy
  60. Always fix her hair shortly before leaving the house
  61. Never ask taught to play the same Rubik Luhan, but after dikasi tau, Kris even forgetting
  62. Like calling Chen as Chen-Chen
  63. Chanyeol and Kris would like to combine Chinese and Korean in the affairs of rapping
  64. Although younger than Luhan, Kris look older
  65. Kris grew up in Canada
  66. One word from Kris for Thailand is "Thailand Fantastic!"
  67. Mixing languages ​​of Taiwan and China while pronouncing the numbers 1 to 10
  68. Formerly Kris shoulder-length hair
  69. Super Junior-M, Kris is close to Henry
  70. O blood type is not B
  71. Because busy, Kris only return 1 or 2 times a year to his home
  72. One word that describes the leader is "fashionable"
  73. Kris has a sister
  74. Kris and Suho has a secret that more than members of other Exo

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EXO Kris Profile and Facts
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