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EXO Xiumin Profile and Fact

EXO Xiumin Profile and Fact

Welcome all, here I will share a little information about one of the members of EXO named Xiumin, all about Xiumin, like Xiumin Profile, Xiumin Bios, Xiumin Photos, Xiumin Biography, Xiumin Fact, and all that pertains to members of EXO named Xiumin this.

EXO Xiumin Latest Photos
EXO Xiumin Latest Photos

EXO Xiumin Profile

Kim Min-Seok (born March 26, 1990, age 26 years), better known by his stage name Xiumin is a South Korean singer who is active in the Chinese music industry. Currently, he is a member of the boy band EXO-M, a subgroup of the Sino-South Korean boy band EXO.

Xiumin born on March 26, 1990 in South Korea. He was put into SM Entertainment through B.C. Everysing Contest in 2008. He was placed in a dormitory with other SM trainee, he was trained in the field of singing, dancing, and acting.

EXO debut at the 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun on December 29, 2011. SM Entertainment released the press to announce the planned boyband will debut in March or April 2011. This news did not surface until December 11, 2011, when SM Entertainment introduced a new boyband member was in a trailer in individual. Xiumin appears in the trailer on January 26, 2012. The prologue single "What Is Love" is only sung by Chen and Lu Han, was released on January 30, 2012. The group released the second single prologue entitled "History" on March 9, 2012.

EXO held a pre-debut showcase at Seoul's Olympic Stadium, on March 31, 2012, one hundred days after their first trailer EXO debut on December 21, 2011. About 3,000 fans from 8,000 applicants selected to attend their performances. The group held their second showcase and their first press conference in the Great Hall of the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China on April 1, 2012.

Single official debut single "Mama" was released on April 8, 2012, followed by an EP, Mama, on April 9, 2012. EXO-M held their debut performance with the song "MAMA" on April 8, 2012 in the event 12th Yinyue Fengyun Bang Awards.

On June 23, 2013, along with labelmate SHINee Minho, he represents Korea in a soccer game for the 2013 Asian Dream Cup in Shanghai.

In 2013, Xiumin also involved in the music video "Gone" from South Korea solo female singer, Jin. In the video, he is acting with actress Kim Yoo Jung.

Xiumin Bios

original name: Name: Kim Min Seok
Nickname: Xiu Min
Date of birth: March 29, 1990
Position Vocalist, Dance
Height: 177cm
Skills / Hobbies: Singing, Dance, taekwondo, fencing, good movement skills

Facts Xiu Min

  1. Xiu Min is a member group of the sub group EXO EXO M
  2. Xiu Min won second place at the SM Casting System and joined in 2008
  3. Xiu Min undergo training for three years until finally joining EXO
  4. Initially Xiu Min will join the group EXO K, but eventually he joined EXO M
  5. Xiu Min taekwondo and kendo expert
  6. China Xiu Min celebrity favorite is JJ Lin and Jay Chou
  7. Calls are Bao Zi Xiu Min
  8. Xiumin think is one of the members teraegeo besides Sehun
  9. Min Xiu favorite sport is football
  10. Xiu Min is very adept at martial after Tao
  11. Min Xiu close friends with Luhan
  12. Xiu Min admitted that she believes in love at first sight
  13. Xiu Min is a member of the most clean and orderly
  14. Xiu Min said that she loves making sounds like a scream in the background a song
  15. Xiu Min is considered as the mother in EXO M
  16. First met with Tao, Xiu Min called "oppa"
  17. Her blood type is B.
  18. Some other talent, according to his profile, is Taek Kwon Do and fending.
  19. He appeared in the teaser # 11, along with Kai, and the teaser # 23 with all members except Chen, Chanyeol and Baekhyun.
  20. Facts from the SINA talk show: When asked who the funniest / prankster with a group, everyone is pointing Xiu Min. Lu Han and Lay said that he made a lot of movement cute / funny (like moving his head back and forth)
  21. He wanted a girl who could hold her and comfort her.
  22. Facts from Tao's birthday party: Xiu Min is a troll.
  23. When asked if he would be a fan of one of their fellow members he replied he would be a fan of Kris because he is very handsome and tall.
  24. Nickanamenya is Bao-zi (bun) for plump cheeks.
  25. Xiumin like singer JJ LIN (Lin Junjie)
  26. When I was a trainee Xiumin was the one whose job is to awaken the members.
  27. All members chose Xiumin as a member of the most amusing.
  28. Lay said that Xiumin look funny when moving the head from side to side.
  29. When asked about the personal talent, Xiumin answered his talent was screaming. ###
  30. When the MC asked for Xiumin answered questions in Chinese, Xiumin answered dui bu qi (I'm sorry) because he was not fluent in Mandarin.
  31. Xiumin hobby is playing ball with Luhan, and after playing the ball they'll go eat.
  32. Xiumin selected by Luhan as a member of the strongest.
  33. Xiumin close to Henry Super Junior-M.
  34. Casual and comfortable to wear is the style of clothing Xiumin.
  35. Xiu Min is a member of the 7th BC reveal
  36. Min Xiu called "Minseokle-oppa" by Amber f (x)
  37. Min Xiu favorite song Jay Chou titled "Said Good Bye", he often sings and practice the song was fitting in Korea
  38. Xiumin say, the most lazy that Kris, but the lazy waking it Luhan.
  39. Chen Xiumin same roommate, dorm exo because it is divided in two so EXO-M and EXO-K. (Setau I still, watching at happy camp because ^^)
  40. Xiumin supernatural forces in the EXO Frost (Snowlake).
  41. Xiumin had a sister who was born in 1992.
  42. Xiumin personality was childish even have a face like a baby. He is leader of foreveryoungfams xD \
  43. Xiumin the exo his big-brother because he is the oldest> <
  44. When you first meet with Xiumin Luhan, Luhan thought that Xiumin younger than himself.
  45. His favorite cartoon Spongebob Sama Baby Huiy.
  46. EXO Xiumin position in the dance and vocal leader.
  47. Xiumin trainee in SMent for 4 years (or approximately three and a half years) # plinplan._.
  48. Xiumin in as a member EXO introduced on January 26, 2012
  49. Xiumin ideals it wants to be an architect
  50. Xiumin master taekwondo, wushu and fencing.
  51. Xiumin got the champion of the 2nd when SM Everysing tahhun Contest in 2008
  52. Xiumin said his mother told him not bersebalahan with Tao and Kris for Xiumin will look shorter.
  53. Xiumin very fond of eating and most difficult if told to diet.
  54. Xiumin really love to sing and ngedance.
  55. In the album f (x) "pinocchio" Xiumin at the mention by amber.
  56. Xiumin called "Minseokle-oppa" by Amber f (x).
  57. She has dance moves that are categorized as "Excellent"
  58. In china, fans Xiumin dubbed as "Lil 'Fattle".
  59. Xiumin have much fanboy in China. Because according to them, Xiu Min was cute, handsome and manly.
  60. EXO-M members said that Xiumin would look funny if laughing because Xiumin would shake his head every time he laughs.
  61. Xiumin said that Luhan was handsome and beautiful at the same time.
  62. Xiumin like JJ Lin and Jay Chou as she sang great and like the same style of their songs.
  63. Xiumin said MAMA song good to hear why he liked that song in the album MAMA.
  64. Luhan dub Xiumin as baozi for her round cheeks and fat when I first met.
  65. Luhan said that Xiumin smiling face is going round and look very cute.
  66. Xiumin face similar to Sohee of Wonder Girl.
  67. Xiumin justifying, that he looks like a Sohee since her debut.
  68. Xiumin ideal type of girl that a guy who can give him hugs and comfort for others, he jg Like likable girl, and according Xiumin first impression is also important.
  69. Tao and Xiumin be embraced if they are bored in the dorm.
  70. Xiumin most happy shout.
  71. When Xiumin shouted with a loud voice then the next day gone.
  72. In the weekly idol Xiumin won high note beating Baekhyun and chen.
  73. Xiumin is a man who is clean and tidy.
  74. Xiumin very neatly folded clothes exactly the same as new clothes crease in hypermart.
  75. Xiumin and chen is a member of EXO-M are derived from korea.
  76. Xiumin felt worst in the Chinese language pronunciation compared to other members of EXO-M.
  77. When his face in the painting for mv MAMA, Xiumin paitingnya was shocked by the results.
  78. The most powerful member who was Xiumin, he could Meres ampe almost dry towel.
  79. Super Junior's Heechul said that he wanted to join the show we got married and wanted Xiumin be his partner because her face is like Sohee (Heechul is Sohee fanboy).
  80. Xiumin wanted EXO ngadain solo concerts around the world such as super junior.
  81. Xiumin not have a special way when expressing love. When the time is right, he'll say "I've liked you since the beginning. Go out with me "
  82. Xiumin says he keep his skin to drink water and sleep regularly.
  83. Luhan normally be made an impromptu translator Xiumin if EXO is in china event.
  84. When trainees are taught Xiumin always Luhan Korean language.
  85. Xiumin Luhan thought that it was the original Korean.
  86. Tao never call Xiumin as "oppa" because tao not understand Korean language.
  87. Xiumin hysterical when inhaling dou zhi er.
  88. When Luhan spent dou zhi er, Xiumin then menyuapin Luhan and gave the pieces to the tissue.
  89. Xiumin said if kyungsoo cuter than him.
  90. Xiumin often play football together Luhan.
  91. Goods are always brought Xiumin is a wallet.
  92. Xiumin always ngeberesin bed.
  93. Xiumin says if he does not debut in exo kris he would be fans.
  94. He was not thinking about him in china or korea important she can sing it is enough.
  95. Xiumin and tao never lost a game and can be sentenced to drink (pork + mango juice + sauce + lemon juice + + mustard kimchi) and then they managed to continue splurging MC says says "are you hungry?".
  96. For Xiumin, his mentor EXO-K
  97. Xiumin never the same dikerjain MC Extraordinary Class, he was asked to choose a small child the appropriate type. MCnya also nyuruh little boy kissed his cheek Xiumin. And it turns out the little boy. So the little boy pretending to be a girl for ngerjain Xiumin.
  98. In the event Shimshimtapa radio, Xiumin punished for sandwiches for other members and look for the ingredients. Pas si Suho already so it gets very little for other members ate heartily.
  99. Xiumin time and Chanyeol be Shimshimtapa radio DJ specials, Xiumin wearing sensuous voice Xd
  100. Xiumin and Luhan love to play kick the butt.
  101. Almost every introduction member, Xiumin introduces himself that he was a member of the oldest but looks younger.
  102. In Sukira radio, Xiumin ngebully Suho Suho about the age issue the same age who participate ngejailin Xiumin and Luhan Suho well.
  103. According Xiumin, the member who looks similar to the wolf Tao.
  104. Xiumin is the first order that has a wide forehead.
  105. Xiumin is the man who believes Suho Suho who always gives strength and become friends confide that can not tell all the members.
  106. In one fansign, Xiumin A fan asked if he was close to Luhan? Xiumin replied, "Lulu-sshi ~~".
  107. In fansign also, Xiumin: "do you like me?" Chen: "no!" Xiumin: "okay .." Chen: "You did not ask if I love or not?" Xiumin: "Do you love me?" Chen: "No! "
  108. Xiumin said that if he is not an idol, he would become an architect or someone who cleans house.
  109. In fansign (again), Sehun kept calling Xiumin, "hyung..hyung .." Xiumin turned and gave a cute smile to her many fans suspect a love triangle between HunXiuHa
  110. Tao and it's actually close Xiumin
  111. Tao and it's actually close Xiumin
  112. High Xiumin 173cm
  113. When trainees, Xiumin always taught Korean language at Luhan
  114. On the contrary, earlier met Luhan, Xiumin think he is the korea
  115. People say Xiumin like children raccoon XD
  116. Xiumin been fed Tao with a strawberry fruit on the show yunyuei Interview
  117. Xiumin never pulled Luhan told meragain artificial respiration time XD
  118. Xiumin been invited Guoguo create cute acting together
  119. Time in exoshowtime, Xiumin says his hopes for the new year 2014 so that he could say more. (Because this time there she-diem diem aja gak kayak same dobi baekki)
  120. ExoShowTime episode 12, Xiumin ngadain so three of the same talk show Do Kyung-soo and Baekhyun.
  121. Xiumin never surprised when he was using the toilet and a gentlemen ngenalin him as a member of EXO. (He surprised if he's famous -_-)
  122. Time to the haunted house, the Baozi this way cepet really so fitting his demons want nankutin he already hurried through -_- that's why he does not see the ghost was there.
  123. Pas ExoShowTime (again) there is an event they were told not to talk until the food they pesen dating. Then they flickey one game and the same Luhan Xiumin job to cuman diem \ because they do not know XD
  124. Xiumin revealed three footballers champion Andrea Pirlo (Italy's players), Steven Gerrard (England player), Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast) on the globe in 2014
  125. Xiumin use blankets picture wolf in his dorm ^^
  126. He had two stuffed Rilakkuma, one bear, as Pororo continue also stuffed pillow pink color> <
  127. Time happy camp games, Luhan pointed bantuin Xiumin make him drink (drink anything but anyway not so awful) continue and eventually he even refused the request Luhan Suho.
  128. If there is a sports game like the idol, Xiumin had several times come to be a football player or futsal.
  129. He never represents korea and so play real football player.
  130. Xiumin had chubby cheeks, but lately he's really skinny.
  131. Xiumin never replace uname instagramnya all because he gaksuka said. Uname instagramnya current: @ EXOXM90
  132. Xiumin same deket member VIXX
  133. He nge-uploaded photo with Hakyeon and Wonshik on Instagram.
  134. Xiumin dancing solo time in the lost planet concert
  135. Greg never danced together before debut and the same Lay kesebar video on youtube.
  136. Baekhyun everynight Xiumin time he want to say fitting at the end of the concert Lost Planet
  137. Xiumin at Luhan so fitting statue Gee dancing at the concert and they almost kiss!
  138. a happy-bangett their first camp debut. Xiumin, Luhan, Tao told to kick the same ball but liatnya use binoculars. nah pas Xiumin already prepared him kick the ball but not kena😄
  139. Xiumin also deket same Baekhyun (Honestly, i ship this couple!)
  140. Birthday time, Xiumin dapet kiss on the cheek of all the members of EXO ^^
  141. Xiumin been a model of its video-clip titled Gone Jin (sad story; _;)
  142. Aegyo ever battle in weekly idol
  143. Xiumin love really the same thing as coffee
  144. He really want a bartender
  145. never be a model bartender at The Celebrity
  146. Xiumin at Suho never danced SISTAR give it to me

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